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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cheap Hotel Rooms In Pattaya, Or Budget Accommodation, Room Only!

Cheap hotel rooms in Pattaya, or budget accommodation, room only! What choice is there? What is the differences between hotel rooms and budget accommodation, is it just the room rate, the price you pay? If you are Pattaya bound: or just thinking of going on holiday to Pattaya, it`s important to choose your hotel accommodation or guest house wisely! More so, if you are traveling on a tight budget and take the “room only” option! And especially If you are taking your holiday in Pattaya in low season as you could very well be spending a lot of time in it! (It can rain a bit!)

If you are traveling on a budget, or just take a lot of holidays to Pattaya, it makes sense to keep your options open and to shop around for the best price, preferably before boarding your flight to Thailand. After all, the more money you save on your accommodation in Pattaya, the more Baht you will have to spend exploring the sights. 

Pattaya has a vibrant and colorful adult themed night life with hundreds of beer bars, bar complexes and go-go clubs – So why not make your money go further? Get more “bang” for your Baht! So what should you look for, and what do I recommend? Here are the facts, along with a few recommendations of my own. 

Guest Houses “room” rates start from as little as £4 per night: Accommodation for less than 400Baht per night is unbelievably good valve. What should you expect, a small room with a fan rather than Air Condoning, a queen sized bed, refrigerator and small television with poor reception, plus a wardrobe and a couple of coat hangers if you are lucky. And for many of Pattaya’s single holiday makers that will do nicely.

But lets take a closer look at what’s available for just a few Baht more. The Sea Side Guest House Which is located towards the North of Pattaya on 102/7 Pattaya Soi 3, Moo 9, has room rates from 650Bhat and in my opinion is definitely worth checking out, a very nice guest house for the budget traveler that likes a little home comfort. Monthly rates start from as low as 15000Bhat inclusive of electricity, water and toiletries. Joiner fee free!
Sea Side Guest House Pattaya budget accommodation, great
Looking for accommodation a little more central in Pattaya? Check out the Changthong House Hotel on Soi Diana. It's a small hotel and only two years old. I like the Changthong House and stay there regularly when I am in Pattaya on holiday. None of the rooms have balconies but they do have 32” Satellite TV and DVD players, free tea and coffee making facilities along with free mini bar snacks! Breakfast is Included too. I really like the walk in shower cubicles – big enough for two, or yourself and two Thais? The typical room rate is around 1000Baht - Joiner fee free! 

My next hotel recommendation is another old favorite, the Areca Lodge Hotel. Again this is on Soi Diana, in fact only a few meters down the road from the Changthong House. Room rates start at 1400Bhat, there are two great pools, gym, sauna and an excellent restaurant. All rooms have balconies and are joiner fee free! The hotel has just undergone a complete refurbishment; unfortunately though their web site has not updated its photo gallery. 

Cheap hotel rooms in Pattaya, or budget accommodation, room only, the choice is yours! But, what is considered as cheap I will leave “up to you”, also the price you finally pay in many of Pattaya’s smaller hotels and establishments may depend on you ability to haggle. Haggling for a good price in Pattaya isn’t just expected, it’s a necessity! Haggle, and pay the price you want, whether you are purchasing a fake/copy watch, or negotiating the price of your accommodation, always haggle! 

Remember, they say “you get what you pay for” so don’t rush in to booking your holiday accommodation, or even your flight. It is always better to spend an hour looking around at what’s available, rather than spending your hard earned cash on some thing unsuitable. 

 Have a great “inexpensive” holiday in Pattaya.

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