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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya's main attraction without doubt - is it`s vibrant and diverse nightlife. Pattaya has 1000's of beer bars and hundreds of go-go clubs. The days are hot, but the nightlife is even hotter! Pattaya's nightlife hot spots are; Soi6, (mainly for single young men). Soi's 7 and 8, for beer bars, Soi Buakhoa, and Boyz Town – for the gay scene, just don`t forget the infamous Walking Street too!
If your holiday is going to be centered on the nightlife, then you will not be disappointed when visiting Pattaya. The nightlife continues right through, until the last man leaves the bar, (usually just after breakfast)! Believe me, the nightlife experience can even continue through until the very next day. In fact, it will continue, until you run out of money! At this point I guarantee your friendly bar girl will be more that willing to escort you to the nearest cash machine!
What is Pattaya nightlife all about? It’s all about fun! Beer bars with their music playing at full volume, bar girls baying for you attention. Bright lights, go-go clubs, discos and Rock ‘n roll. There`s something for everyone, so just chill-out, go with the flow and enjoy yourself by joining in the ‘ever present’ party atmosphere.
Walking Street is Pattaya’s premier nightlife entertainment zone. Everything you wish for, and more can be found here. People from every culture, race, creed, ethnicity and back grounds, mix happily together, taking in the unique Pattaya nightlife experience! Even allowing for the constant flow and consumption of cheap alcohol, there is rarely any trouble. In fact, the only fighting I can recall, in my last 14 trips to Pattaya, has originated from the highly skilled - Thai Kick Boxing exhibitions!

Despite all the things to see and do, one of the most popular activities on Walking Street is just to sit, with an ice cold drink and watch everyone else walking by. There`s so much to do in Pattaya, both by day and night and it`s all right on your own doorstep! So remember, all the best attractions are within an easy walking distance, or at the most, only a few minutes away by Baht bus, so there`s no excuse to miss out on all the action!
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